first sight

...a potential Client should not even get the idea
to look for an Alternative

You may think, a Law Firm website is a website like any other? What’s so special about it, how hard can it be?

But a todays website is as complex as a legal text. Lets stick to that example. What does a laymen see in a law text on compensatory damages? What does a lawyer see? The written words are the same, right? It’s the deeper understanding of the law, the meaning behind words, the interpretation, the complexity that makes the difference.

And just as in your professional life, knowledge and non-knowledge make the difference here, and in the end, above all, it is financially noticeable.

Today, many Lawyers still have out-of-date "business cards" on the net. Once created and outdated due to lack of care in many places.
This is not only problematic for successful client acquisition, but also for the rating and eventually the ranking by major search engines.

Without a contemporary, visually and technical brillant webpage, Google will only land you in defaced places. You are digitally invisible.
78 % (2018) of potential clients are looking for their future lawyer first on Google. Through the search engine they find a list of Lawyers and finally contact those with the most trustworthy & competent Internet presence.

You are wondering to what extent online marketing or Law Firm marketing is legally permitted for professionals and what options are available to target the different channels?
No matter if you start your professional life as an individual Lawyer or you may want to communicate your specialist law work more externally:

Let our experts show you ways and perspectives on digital growth strategies.
Beeqoo Law will help you to create a modern but reputable Law Firm Website and thereby increasing your online visibility.

Our Expertise

your Competencies

Your professionalism and legal competence are highlighted as the core brand. Show the counseling client that you are the right lawyer.

contemporary Design

Essential for a good search engine ranking is a modern and technically perfect website. We explain the backgrounds and consistently implement these requirements.

personalized functionality

What is important to you? Short contact ways? Online appointment scheduling? Are you blogging from everyday office life? The internet offers countless possibilities!

efficiency and versatility

More important than ever before: Pagespeed and Content- the two outstanding key factors for search engine visibility.

100% Responsive Layout

Page traffic through mobile devices is increasing continuously. For a good ranking, Google therefore calls: Mobile First.

always up to date

With our maintenance plans and update services, you can easily avoid obsolete content and you are always up to date with your Law Firm Website.