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Today, many associations have problems keeping their membership numbers and / or winning new blood. Social networks simplify direct contact and free exchange between their members. So, what is your "raison d'être"?

Furthermore, associations have diverse target groups: members, potential members, sponsors, other associations, interest groups, the public sector, etc. Each group has different information needs and habits. Different activities are to be promoted for the individual target groups, such as annual meetings, monthly meetings, networking events, conferences, trade shows. Because every shared event strengthens the value proposition, binds the own members and secures the existence of the association.
This results in communicative challenges for councils and associations: First, they must be informative and close to their members. This is possible only through a contemporary integration of online communication channels. On the other hand, your own content and activities must be attractively presented. But all these requirements increase the effort and the necessary competence to maintain parts of the website.

Here, at BEEQOO LAW we have clear Vision and 3 superordinate recommendations for Councils and Legal Associations.

1. Your web presence must be clearly arranged and tailored to the target group.

2. Easy handling of the websites backend. New content and activities should be added or changed in just a few clicks. And we love user-oriented Design!

3. New content and activities needs to be communicated through the most popular channels of your members, whether it's via App, social media or offline.

Contact us. We are happy to work out an strategy with you.