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Law Firm Websites


Beeqoo Law creates modern and consequently technically perfectly structured Law Firm Websites, which are easy to use for your Clients and offer an overall excellent user experience.

The Internet does not standing still, but rather dynamically aligns with user needs. With over 10 years of experience in web development (B2B, B2C), continuous training and certification, we ensure that your website exceeds the performance of your competitors at all times.

A deep understanding of the Law Firm and Client perspectives and the elimination of digital fears are the basis for our corporate processes and significantly support our customer relationship management.

The technical skills of our Teams are complemented by our project development and -management skills. Depending on the given environment and target audience, our software architects develop meaningful and tailor-made solutions. Whether larger Office projects, specialist Lawyers Websites, Blogs or even Apps.

Service Areas


After an in-depth analysis, we plan, create, implement and accompany your new Law Firm website.


We explain the most important ranking factors and why Google indirectly shapes the appearance of contemporary websites.


Upon request, we keep you up to date on latest developments and constantly analyze the performance of your content.

your Reputation

We clearly put our focus upon your juridical Competence and communicate your expertise to the Clients in the defined target groups.


Depending on the needs profile, we discuss appropriate web programming languages and / or relevant content management systems for your new website.


Specialized in latest Web technologies such: Responsive Design, Parallax Scrolling Design, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), CMS and One Pager.

Law Firm Marketing

Law Firm Marketing

Law Firm Marketing is measurably effective. The penetration of our everyday life with information technology allows almost unlimited access to potential Clients. The range of possible online marketing measures is growing on a daily basis. Again and again, new channels and advertising opportunities are added, through which the direct contact with the Client can be established, and the defined target groups can be addressed precisely. In addition, the latest analytics technology allows quick and effective success monitoring. Not all your colleagues will take advantage of these digital possibilities, or worse consider them to be of no importance. But those who recognize the potential of digitization will have a considerable lead over other Law Firms in a rapidly changing Legal Industry.

However, Lawyer and Law Firm Marekting is subject to certain professional and ethical limits, not everything that is verbally, visually and technically possible, might be appropriate. It’s important to have a partner at your side who knows the regulations and follows current case law on this topic. Law Firm Marketing is much more than promoting own achievements. But your Office deserves attention and this is perfectly compatible with your competence and seriousness.
Law Firm Marketing will accompany you for a long time, it is not a sprint, but more a marathon.

Law firm Marketing


Use your growing coverage to strategically address your target audience with consultative, informative and relevant content.


The demand for young Associates as well as Specialists is increasing steadily. We plan operative measures for Recruitment, Employee Retention and -Development.

Social Media-Marketing

From careers networks like Linkedin to juridical entertainment on Instagram or Facebook, take advantage of the benefits of different platforms.


Webpages & SEO

Digital visibility through reputable and technically perfect websites that emphasize your professional brilliance; that is the overarching goal of Beeqoo Law in an increasingly internationalized and competitive legal market.


Law Firm Marketing

Modern and digital Law Firm Marketing means: gaining and receiving positive attention from potential and existing clients, all taking into account of existing legal regulations. Its all about your Reputation.


Legal Competence

As business Lawyers with international commercial and business law background, coupled with degrees from world leading universities and continuous training, we understand the needs of Lawyers when it comes to digitization.