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Foto Daniel Tietze

Daniel Tietze

Business Lawyer

Founder / CEO

Before successfully completing a Degree in Law and Economics, Mr. Daniel Tietze worked for more than 10 years in e-commerce / web development (B2B, B2C) and in the management of a consulting firm (Global Business Development, Plastics Industry). During certification as Google Partner for Web Analytics / Online Marketing and as part of a empiric research following the question of a (possible) "Legal capacity of Artificial Intelligence", this platform was created exclusively focused on the digital Visibility of Lawyers, Law Firms and Legal Associations.

Web Development/ Web Analytics
Social Media / SEO / Online Marketing
digital Business Development

working Languages
German, Englisch

Foto Paul Levetzow

Paul-Christopher Levetzow

Business Engineer

Founder / Head of Customer Relations

After studying in Dresden, Hangzhou (China) and Wismar, Mr. Paul Levetzow worked as a market developer in mechanical engineering. In particular, his time in China made him aware of how profoundly digitization will change our day-to-day work and customer communication. Now he wants to introduce these new technologies into the Legal Industry to give lawyers and clients more time for the essentials. At Beeqoo Law, he is responsible for customer and project management as well as the consistent focus on a digitalized company.

Process analysis, -optimization and automation.
Market and Sales Strategy, B2B Marketing
Requirement- and Process Management

working Languages
German, Englisch