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Notaries are persons of public trust. They are present for their clients when it comes to far-reaching legal situations and/or the law requires it.
Today, consultation begins long before the first visit to the notary's office. On your website potential clients inform themselves about the offer and the advisory services. This is where the development of a long-term and trustful relationship begins.

Many things decide about a positive first website impression. Is the presentation clear and structured? Are potential clients able understand the terminology? Do the visual world correspond to the expectations of the clients?
In addition to addressing clients correctly, the visibility of a website is also increasingly important for notaries. Competition among notaries is extremely regulated and costs and services are largely standardised.

For a successful positioning on the market, the findability of the own website is a decisive factor for the economic success.

We are happy to help you improve your web presence and increase your digital visibility.

Patent Attorneys

As patent attorneys, you advise and represent your clients in the fields of intellectual property and industrial property protection, which includes patents, utility models, designs and other key areas.

And it is exactly these focal points / terms that search engines will prefer to evaluate, as long as they are contextualized and used purposefully on a website.

Digital ranges are easily controllable and scalable, especially with subject-specific terms.
If you operate a website on behalf of your law firm, your expertise and reputation will be available to a wider public. Whether local, regional or global. In english or even multilingual.

As we have specialised in the legal professions in the field of digital visibility, we are familiar with the relevant professional regulations. This also applies to the Patent Attorney Regulations.

Let's think through your new Patent Attorney website. Together.