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individual Lawyer

The BAR exam passed and finally a lawyer? Specialist lawyer and hardly anyone knows about it? Here we offer individual Lawyers and smaller Offices bespoke solutions for the first important step into digital visibility. Contact us...

Law Firm

professional Law Firms

Our service for established Law Firms / Corporate Law Firms with ever-increasing external impact. You generate a lot of content and publish News for your clients about jurisprudence and latest developments in legislation? Leave nothing to chance, the first impression counts here too. learn more...

Notary/Patent Attorney

Notary/Patent Attorney

You know it yourself; the range of tasks of a notary is varied and often confusing for Clients seeking for confident advice. At first glance, the notary office website should be as serious and structured as your trustworthy work. We can help...


Legal Associations

You represent the interests of your members, hold conferences and events; mediate and publish. All relevant informations on one contemporary platform, from news archive to career networks- easily retrievable and effective. Read more...


what are your Benefits?

Your Law Firm website where you showcase your work, determines directly what your clients think of you. The legal profession traditionally is characterized by reputation and trust. As an institution of justice, the person seeking advice can and will rely on your knowledge. In 2020, your future clients will google you, once to find you on the first hand and second, to learn more about you work. With a 98% market share on mobile search, Google is not only the market leader, but more dangerous, they have an impact on your digital visibility.

We know a Lawyers daily routine between files, deadlines and court appointments. There is no time to worry about the website, especially if good design, user experience (UX) and technically flawless programming must go hand in hand. In many ways, simply having a website today, is not enough.
In discussions with lawyers, we’ve learned that 'digital transformation in the legal industry' is still a rather abstract term. Potentials and risks are yet not completely thought through. So, it would be negligent not to question traditional views and ignore future developments.

However, it must be noted, that in recent years, articles about Legal Tech and Smart Contracts can be find in legal publications more and more frequently. But before we think about replacing the Lawyer with legal robots; digitization starts much earlier with a contemporary internet presence and further with results-driven Law Firm Marketing. And that is exactly where our focus and expertise comes into play.

our Expertise

and Goals

Through our technical knowledge and sound industry knowledge, we offer individual and strategic solutions for your specific challenges (ie. client acquisition, client loyalty or Employer recruitment). In doing so, Beeqoo Law focuses its resources on the areas of Search Engine optimized Law Firm websites and (based on relevant professional regulations) permissible Lawyer-/ Law Firm Marketing (including the areas of content, social media and personnel marketing). Continuous training in relevant subject areas, as well as the attendance of legal events and seminars is indispensable for our daily business.

As german based Business Lawyers and digitalization Experts (Google Certified for Analytics and Online Marketing), we are able to connect the needs of both worlds. In this way we create measurable added value for our customers, which exceeds their investments many times over. Thus, our most important task is to develop your public image and reputation according to your relevant Client target group.

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  • ROI focused
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  • digital Business Development
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